Gold Medal Dream

Achieving Gold Medals needs stiff determination and strict discipline as the basis. It takes plenty of training time, day after day, month after month, and year after year; as if there is an endless road to ride on under the sky with unlimited training programs. A little improvement may take the cycling athletes riding for hours, or even numbers of dozen hours. Having not recovering from today’s fatigue, a new program is falling ahead waiting for. It is understood that some people think the training and the life of cycling athletes cannot rationalize by normal people. Indeed, it is difficult for normal people to understand. It is not only the matter of physical fitness conditions; it is in truth a tenacious initiative dominated psychological issue, only being achievable through sustained training realm. Discipline is hard iron structured, talking training becoming meaningless if discipline is being deviated from the same.

There is no easy road to taking the alps of the elite training, it is in fact stormy and rough with ups and downs. Even the toughest and the strongest athlete cannot complete the required training to the peak if affected by injuries and sickness, and even more not able to exhibit his abilities.

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